Hi there,

Have you ever considered building a tube amplifier? I did a few years ago now and I so much enjoyed the journey that I want to share it with you. This is my blog about my experience with building tube amplifiers and related bespoke electronics.

Despite the URL, this is not a business but just a hobby blog.

The first project that I am going to share with you is a 20W KT77 Push-Pull, with hybrid fixed/cathode bias. It is based on the Menno van der Veen’s UL40-S2, configured asĀ  “super-triode“.

Read all about it under the Project 1 series of posts.

You might ask yourself: “Why yet another blog on tube amplifiers? What do you have to add?”

My answer to that question is: Perhaps very little. I tune my amplifiers to suit the emotion of music to the way I enjoy it most.

This blog is just starting and I have shared only a few initial teasers. So please stay tuned and if you are interested, check in a bit later. I expect a new post once every 3 weeks. Each will go in depth into a specific aspect of a build.